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What It Means To Be A Fee Based Advisor

When you visit the doctor, you expect to receive an honest opinion and diagnosis. If your doctor recommends medicine or treatment, you have the comfort of knowing he isn’t trying to sell you on a certain brand of medication or suggest a treatment that isn’t in line with your personal health.

Like your health, your finances are personal and unique. Your situation and goals are different than others. Just as you want your doctor to offer objective advice tailored to your health, you want your financial advisor to be unbiased when managing your wealth. At Financial Guideposts, we believe it is important to understand whether or not your advisor is objective.

In the financial services industry, there are two main types of advisors: fee-based advisors and commission compensated advisors. Edward Jones, Merrill Lynch, and similar investment firms are largely commission-based. Commission-based advisors receive a commission on products, such as mutual funds and annuities. They may receive bonuses based on the number of sales they make or be offered incentives to sell certain services. This may result in biased advice and conflicts of interest.

Financial Guideposts is an independent, fee-based firm and does not have incentives to sell certain products. Working independently, we have access to a wide range of services and have the freedom to offer solutions and strategies that align with our clients’ individual needs. We take our role in our clients’ lives seriously. They turn to us for personalized and unbiased advice and we are dedicated to providing just that. 

We aim to serve as the quarterback of our clients’ financial strategies by first understanding their risk tolerance before developing a financial strategy. Following, we screen money managers who will manage the client’s funds based on their risk tolerance and financial goals. Our responsibility is to provide an ongoing service to our clients in managing their funds and making changes as circumstances dictate. We strive to help clients work toward their financial goals and feel more confident about their future.